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E-my - Cover iPhone 4 Flap

E-my - Cover iPhone 4 Flap

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Logistic data
Logistic data
EAN 8008392232681
Release date 2/25/2015
Weight 60 gram
Length 85 mm
Width 23 mm
Height 162 mm

About E-my

E-my is an Italian international company which develops gift products to amuse and affect daily life in a witty and charming way to make you happy. E-my works with talented international top designers who design products with a joyful, ‘rebel’ design with a specific character. The world of E-my overflows with happiness, modern forms and bright colours and each simple, practical object becomes a feast for the eye. A well-known and widely used character of E-my is the Owl, presented in many kitchen- and household items. In addition, E-my is characterized by the use of high-quality silicone products for the kitchen, usability and durability, always beautifully packaged.
More information

Tired of the Land of Toys, Pinocchio heads off on new adventures and reaches the magic world of E-my with a broad smile, where he is greeted by the friendly e-tech bunch. Inspired by Pinocchio, Flap is a cover for iPhone 4 and 4S, whereas Flip is for iPhone 5. Besides protecting the mobile phone, it can also turn into a credit card holder and iPhone support thanks to Pinocchio's long nose, that can also be used as a cable winder.

A beautiful design by Yuk Wang for E-my!

- Material: Silicone
- Dimensions: Flap (iPhone 4/4S) 6 x 11.5 cm, Flip (iPhone 5) 6 x 12.5 cm
- Packaging: transparant Gift Box
- Available: cover iPhone 4/4S (Flap), cover iPhone 5 (Flip)

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