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PowerPlus Zebra - Solar USB Power Bank - 2000 mAh

PowerPlus Zebra - Solar USB Power Bank - 2000 mAh

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Logistic data
Logistic data
EAN 8717853703980
Release date 7/17/2016
Weight 140 gram
Length 95 mm
Width 44 mm
Height 194 mm

About POWERplus

PowerPlus is a leader in developing products, powered by renewable energy. The products use human energy (dynamo), solar, wind or water power as an energy source or a combination of them. The goal of PowerPlus is to create eco-powered products with high quality and has therefore the most extensive catalogue in this theme worldwide. Average monthly a new product is added to the catalogue, mostly protected by patents and/or design registrations. PowerPlus embraces the advantages of renewable energy in eco-friendly products, cheap in use by using free energy and independence from the electricity grid.
More information

The PowerPlus Zebra is a powerful Solar USB Power Bank with LED light. The Zebra Power Bank has an internal 2000 mAh Lithium battery and an optimised charging angle towards the sun by its clever triangular shape.
The solar charger comes with an USB cable with three outputs: micro USB, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5/6 connector tip. 3 LED indicators show how much energy is left in the battery, but also how far the Zebra is charged. The compact Power Bank is also equipped with a small LED light and is protected against overcharging.

- Powerful 2000 mAh Power Bank
- 2000 mAh preloaded
- The triangular design optimizes absorption of solar energy
- 3 LED indicators and small LED light
- Includes multi USB cable
- With battery status button
- Multi-languages instructions

Product information
- Product: PowerPlus Zebra - Solar USB Power Bank - 2000 mAh
- Dimensions: H 9.9 x L 4 x W 2.5 cm
- Weight: 83 grams
- Colour: Black
- Packaging: Gift packaging
- Packaging dimensions: H 19.4 x L 9.5 x W 4.4 cm
- Packaging weight: 140 grams
- Brand: PowerPlus

Technical information
- Solar cell: 5.0V / 60mA / 0.3W
- Battery: Lithium 3.7V / 2.000mAh
- DC input: 5V +/- 0.5V / 0.8A max
- DC Output: 5V / 1A max

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