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Walplus Kids Decoration Sticker - Pink Fairies Deluxe

Walplus Kids Decoration Sticker - Pink Fairies Deluxe

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Logistic data
Logistic data
EAN 0700755178411
Release date 2/6/2016
Weight 160 gram
Length 315 mm
Width 120 mm
Height 25 mm

About Walplus

Walplus is an English brand that has developed innovative decorative stickers with different themes and styles. Because of the innovative removable adhesive, the sticker can be applied easily, optionally re-used, and also be easily removed without damaging the wall. The stickers are made of environmentally friendly materials. The diverse stickers can have a 3D effect, Glow in the Dark or Chalkboard. The different styles are suitable for the children’s room, kitchen or living room and can consist of small stickers as well as wall-filling for the living room. The decorative stickers of Walplus will directly give a different look and feel to any room in the house.
More information

The Walplus home decoration sticker is the best alternative to traditional wallpaper decoration. The innovative removable adhesive decorations can be easily removed and reused without damaging the wall. The Walplus decoration is easy to apply, so with minimal effort and cost you decorate a wall, furniture or even the ceiling. The decorative stickers are self-adhesive, water and steam resistant and easy to clean.

There are various kinds of decorative stickers for the children's bedroom to the living room: Kids, Glow in the Dark, 3D, Home and Quote, Wall Mural, Chalkboard and decorative stickers with additional Swarovski crystals. The Walplus decoration sticker is made from environmentally friendly materials and is a wonderful wall decoration for a personal decoration of your home.

Instructions for applying the sticker
1. Clean the surface before placing the sticker
2. Make sure the surface is completely smooth
3. Carefully peel off the sticker of the sticker sheet
4. Place the sticker
5. Gently wipe the sticker smooth to eliminate air bubbles

- Package content: 1 sheet 60 x 60 cm
- Final dimension is approximately: H 100 x W 120 cm
- Easy to apply
- Perfect decorating for walls and furniture
- Removable from most types of wallpaper
- After painting a wall it is recommended to wait three weeks before applying the sticker

Product information
- Product: Walplus Kids Decoration Sticker - Pink Fairies Deluxe
- Material: Eco-friendly, non-toxic PVC
- Colour: Pink
- Packaging: Transparent retail packaging
- Packaging dimensions: H 31.3 x W 11.8 x D 2.2 cm
- Packaging weight: 160 grams
- Product code: WS5020
- Brand: Walplus

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