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PowerPlus Junior Educational Dynamo LED Flashlight - Shirtlight

PowerPlus Junior Educational Dynamo LED Flashlight - Shirtlight

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Données logistiques
Données logistiques
EAN 8717853702303
ReleaseDate 14/07/2016
Piods 162 gram
Longeur 95 mm
Largeur 45 mm
Hauteur 195 mm
Vidéo produit
Vidéo produit

A propos de POWERplus

PowerPlus is a leader in developing products, powered by renewable energy. The products use human energy (dynamo), solar, wind or water power as an energy source or a combination of them. The goal of PowerPlus is to create eco-powered products with high quality and has therefore the most extensive catalogue in this theme worldwide. Average monthly a new product is added to the catalogue, mostly protected by patents and/or design registrations. PowerPlus embraces the advantages of renewable energy in eco-friendly products, cheap in use by using free energy and independence from the electricity grid.
Plus d'info

The PowerPlus Junior Shirtlight is an eco-friendly Dynamo LED Flashlight for children in the form of a T-Shirt. The LED flashlight uses a squeezing mechanism for the charging of the internal battery. Once you unlock the button on the side, a wing will unfold on the other side of the T-Shirt. By squeezing this wing (approximately 2 times per second), the internal battery is being charged. After 1 minute squeezing, the flashlight will light for 5 minutes at a maximum distance of 20 metres.
The PowerPlus Shirtlight flashlight is educational for children, because the energy of the flashlight can be charged by themselves and no batteries are required. In addition, an own design can be drawn on the Shirtlight with the supplied waterproof markers.

- Lightweight torch
- Easy to charge by hand-squeezing for power generation
- Child-friendly design
- Ultra-bright LED light
- No batteries or charger needed
- Including 3 waterproof markers, multi-language instructions
Product information
- Product: Power Plus Junior Educational Dynamo LED Flashlight - Shirtlight
- Material: Plastic
- Dimensions: H 11.5 x L 7.5 x W 4.5 cm
- Weight: 103 grams
- Colour White
- Packaging: Gift packaging
- Packaging dimensions: H 19.5 x L 9.5 x W 4.5 cm
- Packaging weight: 162 grams
- Brand: Power Plus Junior

Technical information
- Built-in Ni-MH battery
- Maximum brightness: 18 LM
- Maximum distance light: 20 metres
- Shine time after 1 minute squeezing: 5 minutes
- Lifetime LED: 100,000 hours

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