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X-Power XL Power Bank - Black

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Spécifications du produit
Données logistiques
EAN 0700371368227
ReleaseDate 01/01/2013
Piods 241 gram
Longeur 100 mm
Largeur 30 mm
Hauteur 190 mm

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The X-Power XL is a very stylish Power Bank which never leaves you without battery power. The X-Power is a 4000mAh extremely powerful power bank and is super light with only 134 grams and 9 mm thickness. The X-Power XL comes with a protective case for on the road. The Power Bank has a built-in identification chip, sleep mode and is very battery efficient. With the X-Power XL you are always assured of additional battery power.

- Suitable for: iPhone 4/4S/5, iPod, Samsung Galaxy Note, Nokia, Ericsson or most smartphones with USB 2.0 power cable
- Portable external battery for mobile devices
- 4000mAh high capacity battery
- Lightweight with only 134 grams and 9 mm thickness
- Automatic sleep mode
- Fast charging

Product information
- Product: X-Power XL Power Bank - Black
- Dimensions: H 13.5 x W 6.6 x D 0.9 cm
- Weight: 147 grams
- Colour: Black
- Packaging: Gift Box
- Packaging dimensions: 8.2 H x W 7 x D 4.9 cm
- Packaging weight: 225 grams
- Brand: XDream

Technical information
Battery specifications
- Battery capacity: 4000mAh
- Battery voltage: 3.7V
- USB input voltage: 5V
- USB input current: 700mAh
- USB output voltage: 5V
- USB output current: 2000mAh

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